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We’ll show you how to: Choose the idea you’re most passionate about. Gather the support (financial, people) you need to bring it to life.


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Our Academy Students are Badass Innovators

 Live Unconventionally.    Refuse to "Work".     Commit to (r)Evolution.     **We'll teach you how.**

Is the Academy Right for Me?

Truth: We are definitely NOT right for MOST people.

But if you see yourself in the answers below, then we're the BEST place for you to find the training and community you need to grow into the most impactful, fulfilled version of YOU.

So ask yourself:

1. Are YOU a Rebel?

If you are then you ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS - and I mean A LOT.

You always want to know "why" and constantly question the status quo / authority.

Your inquiries often lead to trouble with "superiors" and leave you feeling misunderstood or not valued.

You're NATURALLY VERY INTELLIGENT  and usually come up with better ways of doing things.

At your core, you just want to improve things.

You REFUSE TO GO ALONG WITH systems or ideas that aren't in alignment with your own processes and morality.

You're UNCONVENTIONAL by nature, and find it hard to make meaningful connections with conventional (most) people.

 2. Do you have a "Calling"?

Call it crazy intuition, but something inside keeps telling you you're DESTINED FOR MORE.

The average life just isn't enough, and the longer you pretend like it is, the more frustrated, angry, and depressed you become.

People might call you nuts for thinking you can change things - your company, community, maybe even the world - but deep down YOU KNOW YOU CAN if only you had more support, money, etc.

3. Do you love to learn?

Are you deeply passionate about the things you believe in?

Do you find yourself researching odd topics for fun or have a voracious need to constantly learn new things?

Do you LOVE to DEBATE?

Are you willing to engage people, consider differing perspectives, and change your mind if presented with enough information to convince you otherwise?


If you said YES to these questions, awesome!

You'd do great in the Academy.

Now let's see if the Academy would do great for you.

Check out our Mission below and see if our Goals align with yours.


Eliminate Work.   Live Your Purpose.   Save the World.

GOAL 1: Eliminate Work

Create systems that ensure you'll never have to work again.


\ `wərk \ verb

To perform work of fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary.

To exert oneself physically of mentally especially in sustained effort under compulsion or necessity.


We need new Global Systems that support everyone's basic needs such as food, energy, etc. in a sustainable way.

Luckily we already have tech capable of doing this. 

Why we're not all living fantastically abundant lives already is another story.

Once that's done, humanity will finally be able to focus its inquisitive genius on more important things - like art, universal exploration, how to live forever...

I mean, it could be anything.


What would YOU do if you never had to "work" again because all your "survival" needs were automatically covered?

Because how you answer that questions is the key to moving humanity forward - quickly.

We started this Academy to find people (that's YOU) who were crazy enough, passionate enough,


to not only think a "work-less" world was possible but willing to take on the challenge of creating it together.  


But first, we have to get YOU out of your own "work" cycle and into something you LOVE. Something important.

Something so big you'd lead a Rebellion for it and become a legendary (r)Evolutionary in the process.

If that get's your blood pumping, read on.

Our Academy is designed to show you step-by-step how to discover your Mission and live with Purpose.

The impact of this goes way beyond your personal happiness.


GOAL 2: Live Your Purpose

Create a life you'll never regret.

At no time in school are we taught how to discover our Purpose - that thing we are uniquely designed to do.

And yet, it's in discovering our Purpose and living a life that feels Mission driven, that we find personal fulfillment.

Living with Purpose allows you to:

  • Create a life truly worth living
  • Make the greatest positive impact on others during your lifetime
  • Contribute something to the world that no one else could
  • Die without regrets
  • Leave behind a Legacy you are proud of

We believe everyone deserves this kind of life.

Because if "hurt people hurt people", then happy people create more happy people.

And right now the fate of our world depends on happy people making wise decisions for us all.

GOAL 3: Save The World

Create a world guided by wisdom, not fear.


  • Humans evolved to live in scarcity.
  • We are designed to compete for resources (territory / food / mates).
  • Fear is an instinctual survival response to never having enough.
  • Our instinctual FEAR responses are tricking us into thinking we still have to COMPETE to SURVIVE - even though we have technologies powerful enough to produce an abundance of resources for ALL of us.
  • So we continue to use these technologies AGAINST each other instead of FOR each other.
  • If we don't overcome our instinctual FEAR responses and learn to make decisions in a very different way, we will use our TECH to COMPETE ourselves to DEATH.


  • Humans aren't wired to live in abundance.
  • We are designed to cooperate only when it increases the odds of our individual or familial survival.
  • We are tribal by nature and think in terms of Us vs Them. The internet, has brought us together as a globalized community for the first time in human history - forcing us into a world where there is no "Them".
  • Our technologies are powerful enough to create consequences on a global scale (genetic engineering / nuclear bombs). We must be WISE and consider ALL of Us when making decisions.
  • If we learn how to COOPERATE for the sake of ALL, then we can use our TECH to create a LIFE of sustainable abundance


Our Academy teaches you how to effectively work with your competitive instincts so you can make decisions from a place of cooperative wisdom instead of fear.

That's what makes you a (r)Evolutionary.

You'll be uniquely qualified to take on challenges at any scale, positioning yourself as a true Leader in a future that needs innovative visionaries now more than ever.


Coming January 2020

Uplevel Your Life.   Lead Your Rebellion.   Become a (r)Evolutionary.

Gamifying Your Real-Life Journey from Rebel to (r)Evolutionary.

Education with an Edge

Truth: We like Sexy. We like Games.

So we decided to make the trek toward (r)Evolution a journey filled with Rebel Leagues, Quests and Tempting Visuals.

When you join Rebel Leader Insiders, our Academy's Flagship Online Program, you'll receive monthly trainings designed to get you out of the "work" cycle and on track to lead your own Mission-driven Rebellion. 

Plus, you'll be surrounded by other Badass Innovators just like you, hell bent on living life unconventionally - on their own terms - and pursuing massively fulfilling Missions in the process.   

Here's How it Works

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We'll give you a complete breakdown of your unique personality traits, then show you why your Rebel Type is crucial to the greater (r)Evolution.

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Once you've taken the Quiz, you'll have your own Avatar Profile and can start racking up points toward upleveling in the Game (and in your Life!).

These free Academy lessons are designed to jump start your Journey toward a "work-free" lifestyle.

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This is your chance to join the official ranks of our incredible community, with full access to our Monthly Lessons, Official Quests, and Live Q&A's with our Founders.


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As soon as you're an Insider, you'll be enrolled in Rebel Boot Camp - a 10 week program that sets you up for complete Rebel to (r)Evolutionary Success.

We cover everything you need to know, from Mindset Hacks to Emerging Technologies.  

It has been such a pleasure to work with Rose and to be able to participate in her program! She has tremendous empathy and has the ability to empower people to become extraordinary change agents.

She is passionate about making the world a better place for everybody and believes it is time to change every major global system.  Her ability to trust her instincts and tackle issues directly is why this programme is such a success!

Mariette Malherbe

Transformation Coach - Corporate Trainer