How To Access Your Memebership

Our membership is currently held in our private Facebook Group, which you can access by going here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rebelleaderinsiders/

Which Membership Did I Buy?

You can check which membership you purchased on your purchase confirmation email or by logging in and going to My Account

You will be prompted to log in. 

Please use the email address with which you used when your purchased your membership.

You will see the My Account link in the menu at the top of the page after you log in. 

How Do I Manage My Membership?

Simply go to the My Account Page and log in.

I Can't Log In to Manage My Membership!

Remember, if you’re trying to simply access the membership, it is being held on our private Facebook Page.

If you need to manage your subscription or change a credit card, the My Account page is the place to be.

Can’t log in to the My Account page? Reset your password here. Your e-mail is the same one your used at checkout.

Still having trouble? Contact Us

Why Have I Been Asked to Create an Account When I Checkout?

In order to properly process your memberships and charge you for it, as well as give you the ability to change your credit card and manage your membership, you must create an account. 

How Do I Cancel My Account?

You can cancel your account by reaching out to us on Facebook or our Contact Form

There are also options on your My Account page, but we often provide added benefits and pricing to users who are willing to give us honest, open feedback, so a conversation is always appreciated.